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  • 12/06/11--12:46: Not So Cold Anymore
  • Whoa... freezing my ass off. Really. Am I the only one having cold fingers while painting? All I want to do is hug the heater constantly.

    Update: Changed the background because some people asked for the print.... and I couldn't upload the iillustration with the old one.

    For those who feel cold in winter and wish to cuddle up in lotsa layers of fluffy warm everything.


    Photshop, more hours than actually wanted to spend on and an old Intuos (I still love very much...).

    Watermark blabla
    Chubbanimals © Anne Pätzke /Tokyopop Germany

    :star: There's a contest going on! :star:


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  • 12/08/11--04:26: Assassinations
  • Subject 16.
    Because I was listening to Stateless as I draw this.. :p [link]

    (I haven't finished the game yet)

    Photoshop CS3


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    Wrong, James, you are.

    I suppose this used to happen:D
    marauders- Petegrew = perfection:heart:


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  • 12/09/11--02:49: Fanart for a sub
  • I was about to buy a 1-year sub when =black-light-studio beat me to it. XD

    Here's my thanks to him:
    A fanart of his OCs: [link]
    I hope he likes it~
    Thanks for the sub!!!

    Characters by:

    Art by:


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  • 12/09/11--17:21: ergqg

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    these past weeks have been awful, this is the only thing i've been able to do.


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  • 12/09/11--21:56: tracieeeee
  • for ~RoboTracie~



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  • 12/10/11--07:35: commission - giggle
  • color sketch commission from :iconfeerl:
    finally I can back to work ;w;


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  • 12/10/11--08:10: Yoite
  • Yoite for :iconphantom-pirate217:

    Uff, I'm glad I'm done with all the traditional media commissions (except the sketches). Kinda got tired of coloured pencils...


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  • 12/10/11--12:58: Someday
  • Inspired by :iconmcr-raven: 's absolutely AMAZING drawing 'Bring me to the horizon': [link]
    Original eye photo by :iconrebekkaopsal: .

    Some people are saying that this is more of a copy than an inspiration, but really, I could never really compare to :iconmcr-raven: 's original drawing so 'Bring me to the horizon' was just used as a kind of reference. I guess this could be called a 'cover' drawing. Do you get what I mean?

    I drew this with:
    Derwent Studio Colour Pencils
    HB Graphite Pencil (for sketching it out)
    Kneaded eraser
    ...and my left hand!
    This took me about 3 hours, having started it yesterday. I really proud of it, considering i just turned 13, though the eyelashes are really messed up. :S

    Anyway, thanking for looking and please comment on what you think about it below!

    BTW* The photo's not very good quality, so sorry about that. :( I don't really have access to a good scanner so all my drawings are photos taken with my iPod. Also, the black parts on the eye look darker than they actually are, but i can't change it. :(


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  • 12/10/11--16:17: steampunk zuko
  • 'I light my cigarette with my fingers. Suck on that.'

    sort of steampunk. i really love him with long hair. it suits his royal ass.

    quick drawing of zuzu, cant get enough of him. i kinda hate that this drawing has no consistency and the colours are all weird, but i might actually work on it someday soon, whenever i have real free time. im just screwing around now.
    anyways, used reference of a model. twas fun to draw.


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  • 12/11/11--04:24: several sunlit days
  • it seems like I do really love drawing people on grass..maybe I just love grass..
    okay shut up

    I can't believe I've just drawn Harry and Ginny again.


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  • 12/11/11--12:27: 2008 vs. 2011
  • I had a tiny argument with my wife :iconmoonieslove: I was saying my style hasn't really changed that much over the last few least not's just gotten more refined. But she said it had improved. She sent me a link to that 2008 picture of my mum's rp character Yukasha. So I said I'd draw it and it wouldn't look that different and prove it hadn't changed.

    As you can see she won this argument...ha ha ha

    The 2008 version was drawn on paper, scanned then coloured (with a mouse) in a paint program called dogwaffle(this program doesn't have layers..not that i found anyway).

    the 2011 is drawn all in paintool Sai with a tablet.

    I wish i could have made the 2011 version look more cute..she looks so much older then the 2008 one.


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  • 12/11/11--13:00: Synesthesia
  • Work in Progress // Photos : [link]


    "Synesthesia [...] is a neurologically based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.

    According to Richard Cytowic, Sound to Color synesthesia is "something like fireworks": voice, music, and assorted environmental sounds such as clattering dishes or dog barks trigger color and firework shapes that arise, move around, and then fade when the sound ends. For some, the stimulus type is limited (e.g., music only, or even just a specific musical key); for others, a wide variety of sounds triggers synesthesia.

    Sound often changes the perceived hue, brightness, scintillation, and directional movement. Some individuals see music on a "screen" in front of their face. [...] Individuals rarely agree on what color a given sound is (composers Liszt and Rimsky-Korsakov famously disagreed on the colors of music keys); however, synesthetes show the same trends as non-synesthetes do. For example, both groups say that loud tones are brighter than soft tones, and that lower tones are darker than higher tones."

    Read More


    I discovered recently this year that I have Sound to Color synesthesia, but it's very minor :P I found out when I was at a concert/night club and "felt" that the colors of the light show weren't matching to the music. When listening to music in the car or with headphones on, I can "see" colors flashing/moving in the back of my head like a built-in visualizer and sometimes "taste" sounds, but it doesn't impair me from whatever I'm doing at the moment. It's really difficult to explain, so here's a drawing :XD:

    Materials: Micron Pens, Copic Markers
    Time: ~9 Hours


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  • 12/11/11--18:11: What It Means to be Human
  • Tumblr post: [link]

    Prompt #1:

    The Apocalypse plagued the Earth in the form of an ice age. With a desire to reverse the extinction of humans, despite disapproving of their naivety and idiocity, an intergalactic species landed atop the never-ending stretch of ruined landscape littered with frozen corpses in hopes of finding the perfect template to undergo synthetic cloning.


    Could've finished this way earlier but school got in the way ): Anyways, sometimes I think of weird prompts and try to fit them into the context of Sherlock. Feel free to expand on them if you want!

    This picture is based on the comment made by Jim regarding Sherlock's heart.

    100TC: 2. Love
    Sherlock (c) BBC
    Art (c) Inkloue


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    Charles and his Villain HusbandTvT!!
    i miss Cherik sooo much~
    artwork for Xmen BigBang 2011, Cover submission
    based on Shinigami_Yum's fic
    Master Fic over here: [link]

    Credit: texture from: #resurgere


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  • 12/12/11--00:06: Commission:Anakin vs Maul
  • Commission for :iconmhah:

    Photoshop CS3


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  • 12/12/11--08:50: commission - RacktheJipper
  • color sketch commission from :iconrackthejipper:

    ink on paper
    color on photoshop


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  • 12/12/11--11:46: White Gaze
  • ** LOL, he could be russia from hetalia too, who knows... xD

    ... It's freezing here. *__*

    just felt like painting a guy staring at nowhere in a cold place, must be forever alone this xmas like me 'orz.

    anyway, have a happy fabulous christmas guys in advance!
    with your special love ones and family, stay safe! <3

    Artblog: [link]


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  • 12/12/11--15:38: Black Clouds
  • Stuff I found on my old Sheezy Art account >.>


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  • 12/13/11--08:40: APH:EURO2012
  • OCIreland,OCCroatia:me
    OCCzech Republic: by :iconcrystalicia: Thank you so much!


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