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  • 01/06/12--12:50: the cage II
  • pencil, SAI 2011.5

    one of 5 pieces series of these
    also revise of this piece I made 5 years ago



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  • 01/07/12--01:17: Emptiness
  • TL;DR btw, I'm doing fine, I'm very happy right now :) I'm just writing from recent experience derp derp

    A sinking, binding feeling which feels unescapable. Negative influences in our lives tend to magnify and become more important than all the positive moments that happened.
    It feels as though nothing can lift us up at this point.

    Depression is something that everyone feels at a point in their lifetime. The feeling of uselessness, that you can't handle what is going on -- an unbelievable amount of emotional stress. Sometimes even to the point where you feel like just going away would be a simpler choice.

    I have been suffering from clinical depression (the more serious of the like) since I was a very, very young girl. Growing up, I felt so lonely -- everything I did was wrong and that nobody loved me.

    Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. I remind myself that I am here and I have fought that monster for this long and that I am amazing.

    I'll have my moments where I will feel, of course, depressed and down, but I have been doing a lot better now.
    I just wish that other people around would understand that they are not alone. It feels that way, but they are not the only ones that feel such pain, and they are loved.

    Drawing made me remember that I am good at what I do and that I do, in fact, have a purpose in life.

    mechanical pencil / touch-ups on opencanvas


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  • 01/07/12--03:00: Red Car
  • Forty and Evan


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  • 01/07/12--05:23: B for Beast Boy
  • I saw lots of suggestions for Beast Boy c:

    Next is a character whose name starts with "C". Suggestions please <3 Doesn't have to be a superhero, and someone who I haven't drawn in the past is preferable!

    Photoshop CS3


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  • 01/07/12--12:43: Boris for A-cat
  • Here is the coloured Boris for the lovely ~AkatsukiCat

    I hope you like him! I kept thinking of Boris from Goldeneye the whole time I was colouring this..

    Boris (c) Hoshino Soumei & Quinnrose


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  • 01/07/12--20:21: Cold Hands
  • Having cold hands and justifying it with someone's face is the way to go. Alll daaa time.

    My mom: My hands are cold. *touches Dad's face*

    Oh gaud, my parents.

    Paint Tool Sai


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  • 01/08/12--10:40: Fuji Shyusuke
  • Fuji Shyusuke from Prince of tennis by Takeshi Konomi.

    I just wanted to take a brush in my hand, which I haven't held over a year, and paint Fuji. Hope you like it. Very excited about new season coming out.

    Acrylics on canvas
    About 3 days


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  • 01/08/12--11:51: Take me out
  • I coloured him :D
    It was easy to figure out colours when I realized who I drew.

    Texture by *Sanami276

    Natsuki (c) me & ~ayame133


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  • 01/08/12--13:25: nanananananaa batmaaaan
  • batman chibi i´ll do a normal coloration when i´ve got time...
    but first a week full of work :(

    for koko because she want that I finish this art xD


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  • 01/08/12--13:31: TTSS FanArt: Street
  • the movie was so good, and my fanart not so much) haha


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  • 01/08/12--15:30: Happy New Year 2012
  • Tiger & Bunny -DRAGON KID


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  • 01/10/12--14:29: Cloud
  • Wallpaper size at 1920x1200

    His hair was tricky, I know this might not look 100% like the cloud in the game/movie but I tried to match up the face structure as much as possible mixed with a bit of my style. I love the final fantasy movie and the games >.< !!!

    used: photoshop Cs 4

    Featured artworks

    Follow me on Tumblr(for lastest art work and work in progress)

    wipblog-> [link]


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  • 01/10/12--16:06: Supergirl - color 2012
  • hey hey

    Supergirl! for fun!



    my site:
    my twitter: @marcio_takara
    my tumblr:

    - open for commissions


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  • 01/10/12--17:13: cute japanese kid 1
  • well, i doodled this this evening-night.

    If there's something japanese people do good, and I mean, REALLY GOOD, is kids. LOL I SWEAR, no matter boys and girls, japanese kids are damn cute.

    so I thought tonight of doing random kids i remember (will prolly be more girls than boys though. On Japan, specially, girls get dressed pretty cute and fashionable, parents do really like to show-off their daughters XDDDD).

    But ye, i'll try maybe pulling one every day, or 2. Been pretty damn busy today looking for japanese centers, and tomorrow i'll be visiting some more, so ye. But anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

    PS: the girl is holding her father's hand. Idk obviously, but from the looks of it they were going for groceries. was around mid-April, so i assume that's why she was wearing that hair pin XD! No complains though, was pretty cute overall. (on a non-pedophilia meaning, my dear crazy psycho hater-group)


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    please download to see it in full because dA ruins everything it touches :C

    I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG but i'm an ass and i got a little carried away and also did i mention i'm an ass?

    so yeah. this is my secret santa gift for ~Sukirichiwa. i hope you like it, bb! happy belated holidays and new years :heart::heart:

    ~Sukirichiwa's favorite character is mike, and their favorite pairings listed are all mike/someone (mike/harvey, mike/jenny and mike/trevor, as you can probably guess from the picture), so i thought i'd put mike in the center and include everyone! C:

    i did i a lot of style/coloring/brush experimenting in this (which... was probably not a good idea? since this is a gift but, well) so it's a bit all over the place in that aspect, but i think it turned out alright. i still can't do backgrounds though P: i need to work on interaction poses too. this was hard! D:

    also. fuck you, trevor/tom lipinski. your face is impossible to draw :C it doesn't even look like you!

    (i'm posting a progress picture after this too, because i've never done one and i felt like it)

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  • 01/11/12--03:40: Clown
  • .


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  • 01/13/12--06:00: Sherlock BBC art
  • /


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  • 01/13/12--06:02: Bottoms up!
  • \


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  • 01/13/12--11:25: Capture
  • Links:
    Pon&Zi Online Shop Page

    The official home of Pon and Zi has moved from to, and the online shop has been redesigned! <3

    Also, if you're planning on getting a Pon&Zi present from the online shop in time for Valentines Day, orders within the United States should be placed no later than February 5th and international orders should be placed no later than January 30th.


    Please don't remove the copyright text. It's kind of illegal. : )


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  • 01/13/12--18:58: D for Deadpool
  • Stupid pun... :p

    (there are no blood because one of his abilities is healing wounds fast)

    Suggestions for E please <3

    Photoshop CS3


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