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  • 01/29/12--05:19: eatable blue
  • Deimos & Starfighter belongs to :iconhamletmachine:

    Did you read her latest journal?
    It's great progress report!!
    Deimos is SO CUTE and DELICIOUS!!!:heart::heart:
    I want The Deimos mini-smut-comic pretty so badly!!


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  • 01/29/12--14:51: Margaret
  • I sort of cheated when I did this Christmas gift...

    Scarecrow & Baimu for *RedFishing & ~Whxyte

    They were fun to draw and colour though x'D Enjoy~

    Background is from ~Myruso


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  • 01/30/12--11:12: Happy Chinese Year
  • Do not know why more than a month since I have no way to upload pictures ...
    I would like a bit of traditional festive atmosphere,so...
    Whatever,I hope you like it~

    CP:Sherlock Holmes [Robert Downey Jr(I love RDJ!!!!!!!!)+Benedict Cumberbatch]&Dr. John Watson[Jude Law+Martin Freeman] Arthur&Eames[Inception] Thor&Loki Superman&Batman


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  • 02/01/12--02:48: Sherlock+hatman and robin
  • I just want to find a reason to draw Sherlock in deerstalker hat~~ >w< inspiration from A Scandal in Bohemia episode~ :love:


    Sherlock BBC version belongs to Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat

    art by Xanseviera 2012


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  • 02/01/12--22:17: Disguise
  • Thanks for all the birthday wishes!// I didn't expect so many, I really appreciate everyone taking the time to comment ;//7//; <33

    I can't seem to revert back to anime style atm;; hoping I'll have some time in the next few weeks to practice backgrounds again *v*


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  • 02/02/12--07:14: Forever And Never
  • He loves her and hates her in the same time.

    Twisted love...=u=;

    sorry for disabling comments lately... i'm very buzy... I open them next week ,Thank you for viewing QUQ/

    Art and character(c)me

    I'm outta here.


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  • 02/02/12--21:33: Gamer girl
  • one of my tumblr portraits : ) gamer girl

    used: photoshop CS 4

    Featured artworks

    Follow me on Tumblr(for lastest art work and work in progress)

    wipblog-> [link]


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  • 02/03/12--06:41: The adventures of meago XD
  • Some encouraging pictures which i'm drawing recently on my FB wall XD It presents various stages of my "journey" where i'm working and continuing orthodontic/orthognatic treatment XD
    I really like it~ ;u; i'm gaining EXP and getting new skills XD:heart: and oh, i'm super strong 8'D

    p.s. it's me, or DA has proplems with displaying quality? y u don't want to stop bugging? .__.
    why it displaying it so pixely ;__; in DOWNLOAD image works good ;3;

    okay i think it works now XD

    part 2 XD:


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  • 02/05/12--01:54: facial angles
  • 7 basic head angles from tonight's (yesterday's ROFL) livestream, as requested by other people~!

    You can view the entire thing here:

    You might want to put in earphones to clearly hear what I'm saying cus goddamit I don't even realize I have a slurring Chinese accent until very recently HAHAHAH


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  • 02/06/12--05:09: Percy's seducing skills
  • ...Because, as everybody knows, Percy's seducing skills are fabulous.

    idk, this one was mostly for tumblr and really fast drawn but okay,


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  • 02/07/12--15:53: Testing Testing
  • this is my recent character Jiyong.

    i've made her story even more complex, i wanna write it out actually. oh, and a male character will be included soon. yep.


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  • 02/07/12--20:36: Ojos Asi
  • I drew a full body of this guy [link]

    I know he's not as flashy as Nate was..but I don't care >.< I've been working at this one for weeks.

    I plan to draw his twin sister Zephira next ;3

    Textures thanks to ~valkiria-stock & ~Enchantedgal-Stock

    Ashura (c) me


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  • 02/08/12--05:55: i have a surprise for you
  • a moment when Lily told James about pregnancy


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  • 02/08/12--12:14: D-i-a-b-l-a Commission 4
  • another commission for the lovely :icond-i-a-b-l-a:. it's her and her friend's characters being lovey towards eachother. hope you like it. :) used ref.


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  • 02/09/12--07:25: It Burns...
  • Your Desire is burning like a fire!

    For ------------------->>>:iconmaevachan:

    Her OC *Lyssian*

    Dude...I butchered him for real...I'm sorry.... :iconlazycryplz:

    Hope you like it ;u;


    I'm outta here...


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  • 02/09/12--10:27: Fisheye Placebo: Haste
  • This is a quick drawing of Robin from Fisheye Placebo that I did a long time ago.

    For those who are unfamiliar with it, Fisheye Placebo is a graphic novel that I will be releasing in the future. It will be about about hackers, information wars, and bad roommates :D

    Though the story hasn't been released yet, someone has already made a group for it :iconfisheye-placebo: but there's nothing in there lol. You guys are silly :hug:

    Other related drawings:

    General Facebook
    My Twitter

    Drawn in Paint tool SAI, edited in Photoshop.


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  • 02/10/12--05:17: :Christian the Keeper:
  • commission for :iconakasunakage:
    Christian; her OC
    fun to draw him.... XD


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  • 02/10/12--07:51: spring Lily
  • I really want to spring came

    Чтобы в небо - цветными змеями одуванчики и лепестки, чтобы ветром другим повеяло и опять развели мосты, чтобы ночь разливалась красками - лунным, синим и серебром, чтоб от неба и в землю - радугой, поливая шальным дождем, чтобы птицы и чтобы созвездия, чтобы утренние сады, чтобы тихой вечерней песнею убаюкивали цветы, чтобы дымкою над березами и туманами над Невой, чтобы в мае - ночными грозами, чтобы синью над головой, чтобы верили и надеялись, чтобы ждали ночей без сна, чтобы в сказку охотней верилось, приходи поскорей, весна!


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  • 02/12/12--00:27: MustNotBeTakenSeriously
  • Originally posted in my FB page: [link]
    Just a thought I'll put it here too. For the lulz.
    (I'll scrap it soon)

    There will be an artwork for Valentine's Day, but it's gonna be a mix of funny, disgusting, trolling, and sad. Watch out.


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  • 02/12/12--22:11: Graffiti
  • Tried playing with lighting and backgrounds *v*


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